In order for a business to grow and thrive, it needs cash. However, there are several obstacles to overcome for most bank sponsored business loans and unfortunately you may have to put up personal or company assets, like your home, automobile, or inventory to secure the funds you need. Discover how a business line of credit could help your company or organization.

Accessing alternative lending options and steering clear of banks with their sometimes unreasonable loan qualifications is a smart move for business owners. As a funding source, unlike most online lending brokers that auction your application to the highest bidder, we present you to lenders who are the most likely to approve you quickly.


We offer several solutions to help you with your funding needs.

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UNSECURED Working Capital

By offering short term unsecured loans ranging from $5,000 - $500,000 that can cover a number of needs like renovations, inventory, storage, or perhaps new equipment helps to give your company the edge it needs. Need a higher loan amount? We also provide secured loans as high as $1 million or more at competitive rates. Our lending partners do not require an initiation or application fee.

Professional Medical Equipment


Business owners are always looking for ways to improve service and productivity. One of the best option is to secure the newest and most upgraded equipment. However, for most businesses, from medical facilities to restaurants and even construction companies, replacing, upgrading, leasing or purchasing new equipment and machinery can be very expensive.

Our equipment financing program offers business owners an affordable way to get new or used equipment. Approval can be in as little as 72 hours.

Briefing of employees


Employees are essential to the growth and daily operation of many organizations. Not only do happy employees want to provided meaningful work, but they also want predictable compensation. Business owners want to ensure that payroll is delivered consistently on time giving employees a sense of security. Unfortunately, late accounts receivable, day to day operations and expenses can be the cost of running business. A business line of credit or unsecured business loan can help keep both company and employees happy without disrupting productivity.

Warehouse logistics is important


Cash flow can get tight for retail or wholesale businesses where product inventory makes up a substantial part of their business. If there has been a lost of inventory that got spoiled or damaged, or product needs to be replaced due to slow movement, inventory financing comes in handy. This type of funding is debt-based business financing that’s used to purchase products that your business will sell to create revenue. The products act as collateral that secures the very inventory financing you used to purchase it. Contact us for quick approval and great rates

Autumn season time

seasonal slow down

Every business has their peak season and their slow season. The slow season can be used to plan ahead for the most active times while keeping the operation running when cash flow slows down. Business that depend on hot and cold wheather like landscaping, snow removal, roofing, and HVAC companies can experience revenue fluctuation. A business line of credit can help business during the lean times when the business slows down due to the weather and season. The ability to pay a reasonably interest rate on only the money you use is a definite advantage over the traditional business loan which these type of companies find a hard time securing.

Promotion Product Strategy Marketing Concept


In order for a business to maintain a competitive edge a company needs marketing and advertising. For most industries, competition is fierce and customers can be more demanding and less brand loyal. Being able to deliver your company values continually to your market is essential. Marketing can accomplish this. To be able to perform effective and consistent marketing in any industry, it takes capital. A business line of credit or business loan from our alternative lending partners, can help keep your marketing campaigns running and optimized for growth.

Modern office building


Funding for commercial real estate and construction projects.


Our lending partner has successfully helped thousands of business with their funding needs.

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